Group Matwork Classes


"Very professional teaching with a friendly approach.  I don’t feel at all intimidated.  I always look forward to the class and come away feeling better - physically and mentally."

Pam, Fulwood




"Pilates is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Caroline teaches with the right amount of humour and authority, keeping us all in check, whilst creating a calm and soothing environment. She makes it fun and yet we progress week after week. I have been in other Pilates classes and the instructors just did not compare."

Sue, Dore



"Working as a builder and being a keen cyclist puts a lot of strain on my back.  After only one year of Pilates classes with Caroline, my core strength is so much better and both work and cycling are less stressful on my back.  I enjoy Caroline's classes, they are both challenging and relaxing.  Pilates is definitely not just for women.  I would recommend it to anyone, even callus handed builders and knotty legged cyclists!"

Paul, S11





"As a runner, covering 5-10 miles 3 times a week on both flat and rough terrain I had been suffering increasingly with pain in my feet and ankles.  Within 2 weeks of starting Pilates this pain practically disappeared and has not returned.

In addition, I have found that my neck and shoulders have loosened up and I am much more aware of my posture.  My body shape has also improved along with my balance, probably due a stronger core."

Jill, Hathersage



"Pilates has been a revelation. A discipline that not only a challenges me physically, but one that requires considerable mental fortitude and application. I believe the strength it has developed in me has helped greatly overcome my recent operation and recovery. For me, Pilates is a sort of preventative medicine."

 Keith, S10




"Body Control Pilates is an excellent way to build core strength and flexibility.  I’ve really noticed a difference and it’s helping my running too!!  Caroline provides an excellent range and quality of equipment to help further enhance the class.  She is a patient, friendly and knowledgeable instructor who gets the best out of everyone.  The sessions are great with a very friendly group and I look forward to the year ahead."

 Lotty, Hathersage

Bespoke Sessions


"I've participated in Pilates with Caroline during both my pregnancies and believe that this has really helped. Pilates helped me to maintain my flexibility right up until the birth and enabled me to recommence exercise afterwards at a time that felt right for me. I've also been able to protect my previously injured back from any problems associated with pregnancy, whilst looking after a newborn.

Caroline is an extremely professional and attentive teacher whose specialist knowledge about the body during pregnancy means that I always feel that I am doing the best for myself and my baby during classes."

Gemma, Millhouses



"I have really enjoyed your Pilates classes and I am particularly grateful for your compassion, discretion, empathy and efforts in helping me with my pelvic floor symptoms. I think the Pilates has helped enormously in improving my posture, core strength and well-being and I never sleep so soundly as after Monday night class. I think you are a really gifted teacher Caroline."

Rachel, Dore




"Body Control Pilates helped me maintain a small degree of flexibility before my hip operation, but the impact when I recommenced sessions 5 months after the operation was staggering.  I highly recommend the use of Pilates standard exercises for helping with preparation for a hip operation and for enabling flexibility after the initial rehabilitation period, and the Reformer for encouraging greater flexibility and movement."

Mary, Stannington




"This year, determined to improve my performance, I have once again returned to Pilates.  The results have been astounding and I have achieved numerous PB’s over recent months, especially in hill climbing where core stability is paramount.  Don’t choose Caroline if you want an easy time.  But if you want to see real results, either in sport or general mobility, then I can think of no better option."

Eamonn, S11



"After experiencing quite severe lower back pain that had stopped me being able to exercise I started Pilates sessions with Caroline. As a regular road cyclist I have found that since taking up Pilates I feel more comfortable on long rides which I put down to improved core strength, stability and better posture. Caroline not only provides excellent weekly sessions using the reformer, Pilates arc and matwork, but she also devises complementary exercise programmes for my home practice."

Gordon, S10




"We have private duet lessons for advanced Pilates matwork.  Caroline's expertise has enabled us to improve our understanding and performance greatly and we can feel the difference in our bodies!  Her enthusiastic teaching gives us the motivation and confidence to keep going."

Paula and Lorna, S11


"My 1:1 lessons with Caroline always have progress – we do something different, learn something new, find a refinement to an exercise we have done before. Thanks to her experience and in-depth knowledge, she has taken me from the basic reformer to some of the advanced work, step by step. Most of all I enjoy every session and it makes me feel great!"

Cheryl, Castleton


Nordic Walking

"Having searched for a professional Nordic Walking Coach in Sheffield, I found Pilates Caroline North, and what a find she was! Caroline was keen to understand our goals, current walking styles and fitness before designing a program specifically to get us where we needed to be.

Not only have our times improved, we are also enjoying the benefits of being able to walk for longer with less impact on the body, get up and down hills faster, and we are also able to run up and down hills using poles!  Caroline introduced us to new techniques, made sure we used the techniques properly and offered much help and encouragement... subsequent to working with Caroline we have all signed up to the Caledonian Challenge - 54 miles in 24 hrs and the Yorkshire 3 Peaks (29 miles) was a breeze due to Caroline's help.

Thank you so much Caroline."

Carol, S11