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Nordic Walking

Improve your posture, muscle tone and sense of well-being. A great outdoor aerobic workout to complement any fitness programme. Effective, affordable and fun. It can be done by anyone, anywhere!

Nordic Walking Classes


The Nordic Walking technique is best learnt correctly in order to get the most out of the activity and perform it safely and effectively. The full health technique ensures the whole body works efficiently and is only taught by Nordic Walking UK qualified Instructors.

Private or group technique lessons are available for all levels of fitness. In a lesson you will:

  • perform mobilisation and warm-up exercises;

  • be given demonstrations that break down the technique;

  • have plenty of practice;

  • end the session with stretches and cool down exercises.

Nordic Walking Equipment


The only essential piece of equipment is the poles - I provide the Nordic Walking poles and they are included in the class fee. No special clothing or shoes are necessary.

“Breathe properly, walk correctly, and swing along briskly. If you follow this sound advice you will find yourself feeling comfortable and invigorated.”

Joseph Pilates,

Return to Life Through Contrology

I was surprised how different it was using Nordic poles compared to normal walking poles and the ease with with you can achieve an effective whole body workout!

Jo, Hathersage

Private Technique Lessons

  • A private technique lesson can be just for yourself or for a small group of family/friends.

  • The level is set according to your (or the group’s) fitness level and will allow plenty of individual attention.

  • Two to three sessions will usually give you sufficient knowledge and technique to practise the activity with confidence by yourself.


You can continue with private lessons if you would like further fitness coaching

Group Technique Lesson

  • A Nordic Walking group course (for up to 12 participants) is aimed at taking participants from the introductory level (Level 1) through to the progressive technique (Level 2).

  • A group technique course lasts 2-3 hours which can be taught in one session or split over a few separate days/weekends.

  • By the end of the course you will have the knowledge and confidence to continue Nordic Walking on your own.


NB A minimum number of 4 participants is required to run the group technique courses.

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