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The Benefits of Pilates

In practising Pilates you are making a decision to care for your well-being, body and mind.

Pilates can support you in everything you do, from day-to-day activities to performing extreme sports.  With regular practice, Pilates can help you:

  • Improve muscle tone and strength, while evenly conditioning the body.

  • Develop a well-defined shape and good alignment - the key to good stability.

  • Target the deep ‘core’ muscles - vital for good posture, poise and balance. 

  • Improve bone density and joint mobility.

  • Move with control, not struggle. 

  • Develop good coordination and ease of movement.

  • Discover a heightened self-awareness.

  • Relieve unwanted stress and tension.

  • Breathe more efficiently helping you feel more energised.

  • Improve your stamina.

I always find Caroline's classes both stimulating and relaxing.

She is a superb teacher with a sharp eye to spot how you can improve and a warmth that constantly encourages.

Sue, Fulwood

Pilates Classes


Pilates is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness, whether you are looking for general body maintenance, a challenge, rehabilitation, ante/post-natal exercise, improving bone health or specific performance training for sport.  

CLICK HERE  to contact us to discuss which class is best for you.


Taster Classes

  • Whether you are completely new to Pilates or have several years experience, I recommend that you attend a taster class (either a 1:1 or group taster class).

  • Taster classes are extremely valuable as they allow you to discuss any particular issues or concerns with me;

  • We can discuss which type of class would be best for you.

  • You will also find out more about the history of Pilates and Body Control Pilates ®.

Private Sessions

Private Pilates tuition is the best option for clients who want a highly personalised Pilates session. 

  • I teach 1:1's, 2:1's, 3:1's or small groups (family or friends).

  • Perfect for clients who would like to learn the basic principals of Pilates.

  • Ideal for small groups who are at the same level and share the same goals and expectations.

  • Recommended for clients recovering from surgery or with particular medical issues.

  • Sessions are arranged according to your schedule.

Studio Sessions

The Pilates studio equipment (Reformer, Exo Chair and Pilates Arc) are incredibly powerful in terms of changing the way you feel and look by offering the body both resistance and support.

Using Pilates equipment requires the utmost focus and gives you an excellent workout!

Sessions can be taught using the studio equipment exclusively or alongside Pilates matwork exercises.

Ante & Post Natal

There are many benefits to be gained from practising Pilates during and after pregnancy.

  • Maintain and improve the condition of the abdominal, pelvic floor and back muscles. 

  • Improve upper body strength to help cope with the demands of infant care and breastfeeding.

  • Ensures good posture, coordination and balance.

  • Effective breathing and relaxation techniques contribute to an increased feeling of well-being.

  • Pilates classes offer precious time for the mother to focus on herself.

Pre & Post Operation

Private sessions are the perfect choice for you whether,

  • you are recovering from an injury or an operation,

  • you have received a diagnosis of a medical condition 

  • or even if you are experiencing unexplained aches and pains.

During your first session, I will look at your medical history and where necessary (and with your consent) I can liaise with your GP, medical consultant, osteopath, chiropractor or other health care practitioner. I will also take into account your activities or everyday living that might be causing stresses and strains on your body.

Bone Health

​When taught by properly-qualified teachers, Pilates is recommended as a safe and effective exercise method for those suffering from osteoporosis and osteopenia.

  • Pilates conditions the entire body and can help build bone and muscle strength

  • Increase strength and muscle mass, allowing the body to better support bones made brittle by osteoporosis.

  • Increased flexibility and posture can improve balance which can help to prevent falls that might result in a fracture.

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