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Stretch & Myofascial Training

My Pilates & Movement classes are a blend of exercises and movement practices which include Body Control Pilates®, Slings Myofascial Training ® Stretch Therapy™ and Movingness. 


Classes are designed to help you improve your range of movement, flexibility and strength, whilst allowing you to relax both body and mind. 

My goal is to help you release any tension, so you can move with greater ease and thus become stronger and feel more resilient, literally from the inside out.

Try a class and FEEL the benefits! 

Slings Myofascial Training - Art of Motion ® 

Slings is a holistic movement concept that can be incorporated into all body-minded practices and it fits perfectly with Pilates. Exercises and movements are fascia-focused aiming for structural integration, functionality and an inside-out wellbeing through conscious movement. 

The Slings Myofascial Training focuses on the health promoting qualities of the myofascial system that positively influence our postural balance and movement efficiency - in daily life, recreational activities and at work. 

  • Dynamic stability.

  • Adaptability.

  • Responsiveness.

  • Elasticity.

  • Glide.

  • Relaxation.

  • Tissue hydration and nourishment.

  • Body and movement awareness.


Stretch Therapy 

Stretch Therapy is a safe, yet extremely efficient, way to improve your flexibility. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.  Stretch Therapy (ST) is a comprehensive system that includes:

  • Stretching - to improve the range of movement.

  • Fascial remodelling - allowing posture and alignment to be more efficient

  • Strengthening - most of the ST techniques use body-weight only and all involve the ‘core’.

  • Relaxation - an element of rejuvenation and regeneration is achieved through allowing the body and mind to relax.


The ST goals are grace and ease which is experienced as enhanced awareness and elegance in movement.  ​

"Caroline's Stretch Therapy sessions have been enormously helpful in healing my stubborn back and foot pain and I definitely now have much more flexibility as a result."

Jo, Hathersage.

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